Cannabis Strains

Marijuana has been legal in Canada for almost two years now, and there are a lot of strains of cannabis on the markets today. In retail stores, at dispensaries and weed cafes, and you can buy cannabis strains online – so many options, but which ones are right for you? There have been a lot of quality issues and supply shortages since legalization, so where can Canadians turn when they need the top cannabis strains for the best price? Limitless Rx is emerging as one of the best places to find everything you need to feel the high you want. Are you living your life limitless?

What strains of cannabis are there?

There are many strains of cannabis, but not all weed is made equally. Are you a high-volume THC smoker? Or maybe you're seeking a chill, relaxing and non-hazy CBD strain? The strains of cannabis that suit your needs will depend on your health, lifestyle, tastebuds and tolerance to cannabinoids like THC or CBD. Throw into the mix all the myriad terpenes - of which we've only scratched the surface in recent years - and you can begin to understand the scope of cannabis strains that are available to Canadians today. To date, there are thousands of known cannabis strains with many more being discovered, bred and perfected each day. So, your shopping options for weed are continuing to grow like the cannabis plants themselves.  

What can different cannabis strains do for me?

Each person's interaction with cannabis strains can be unique. Just like we all have distinct health & fitness requirements from our diets and lifestyles, we need different things from the buds we smoke, vape, eat or apply topically. Many different strains of cannabis can suit different ailments: Ice Wreck is a great injection of energy, focus and a great sense of euphoria; Rocklock can ease your pain & inflammation without making you feel too sleepy; Casey Jones will uplift and motivate you with its citrusy flavors and aromas; Do-Si-Do will have you whistling a tune with its relaxing buzz and clarity of mind; Zkittlez cannabis strain is a fruity bouquet that is bursting with citrus, passionfruits & flowery aromas; Blackberry is a great strain of cannabis for easing tension, helping you sleep and get the relaxation & recovery you need. These are just a few of the top cannabis strains you can find online, but there are hundreds more ready to be discovered. Experimenting with strains of cannabis is an important part of your cannabis journey, and you'll never know which cannabis strains suit you best until you try them. So get out there, light some up, put some cannabis tinctures under your tongue, and feast on some marijuana edibles to find the strain that fits gives you the best benefits.  

Where to buy cannabis strains online in Canada?

Are you looking to buy cannabis strains online? Online dispensaries like Limitless Rx are the perfect place to find the cutting-edge strains of cannabis that will suit any seasoned stoner or any green beginner. Buy cannabis strains at and start living your life limitless with the best buds and the widest selection of psilocybin products in Canada.




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