Raw Mushrooms

What’s the simplest, most natural way to consume psilocybin? Raw mushrooms have been a favorite method of consuming psilocybin for centuries. The best thing about eating them? There’s no prep, no equipment needed, just pick them, give them a thorough wash and pop them in your mouth. The only thing you need to make sure about when you eat raw is that you chew thoroughly to ensure that your saliva has absorbed the active psilocybin.

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What are raw mushrooms?

Raw mushrooms are any psilocybin fungi that have not been treated, processed or altered in any way. Picked straight out of the ground, it is considered to be the purest way to go on a psychedelic trip - after all, it's how our ancestors consumed magic mushrooms. Some prospective psychonauts are put-off by the overpowering flavors of raw mushrooms - they can be quite bitter, sour or bad tasting. For these reasons, in addition to the difficulty of identifying which mushrooms are safe and which ones aren't, many people choose to buy online instead. Whether you're an experienced myco-hunter, or just a shroomhead looking to experience your next big trip, it can be a quick, efficient and convenient way to explore your consciousness and feel better.

What can raw mushrooms do for me?

When you buy raw mushrooms or pick them in the wild, there are a lot of ways you can include them in your daily routine. For starters, you can simply eat them as a midday snack - just know, that this particular munchie is going to take you on a psychoactive journey, so make sure you have the rest of the day booked off work. It is also a favorite addition to shroom smoothies, magic mushroom dishes like magic mushroom pasta, and as a garnish on pizza for a truly spellbinding dining experience. It is important to remember than certain species of psilocybin mushrooms can be toxic when ingested raw, so you will need to know your psilocybe species before you eat them. For instance, Amanita muscaria needs to be dried first, due to a toxic plant compound being present in the fresh mushroom caps. Other psilocybin mushrooms can be ingested raw, but you need to wash them very thoroughly and keep them refridgerated to ensure that any harmful bacteria do not proliferate. Raw mushrooms can be a fast and easy way to combat the effects of depression, anxiety, insomnia or feelings of lethargy and lack of motivation. Magic mushrooms can give you the boost you need to be at your best, just be sure that you're following the steps to safe consumption.

Where to buy raw mushrooms online in Canada?

Picking mushrooms in the wild can be very dangerous, so it is important that you confirm the species of fungi that you've picked before you eat them. Having your wild mushrooms evaluated by an expert mushroom picker is advisable, but you can also buy online or grow your own at home. It can be quite bitter, so many people choose to add some flavor by combining them with food, drinks or your favorite snacks and treats. You can dry and make them last longer by removing the moisture contained within, but raw mushrooms are just as effective on their own. Chew very thoroughly when you eat them, and give yourself extra time for the effects to kick in - sometimes the delay from consuming them can be up to an hour before you notice their psychotropic effects. As always, be safe, dose low and start slow whenever you're trying a new strain of magic mushrooms. When you're looking to buy raw mushrooms online, look no further than the quality products and wide selection at Limitless Rx.




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